Advantages of RFID Technology

Advantages of RFID Technology

The core technology of the Internet of Things is RFID technology. Compared with other automatic identification technologies, RFID has the following advantages in data processing and security authentication:

1) Fast reading and writing speed and easy operation since the reader is non-contact communication, the card can be operated in a few centimeters or even tens of meters. Since the radio frequency card has a fast anti-collision mechanism, data interference may occur between the cards. It can effectively prevent and can read multiple RFID tags at the same time, and the reader can process more than 200 contactless RFID tags at a time.



2) High reliability and durability

In terms of reading, RFID is not limited by size and shape, so the fixed size and printing quality of paper will not affect the accuracy of data reading. In addition, the manufacture of RFID tags is diversifying and miniaturizing, making it suitable for different product needs.

4) Reusability

Since the information of the radio frequency card is electronic data, the RFID tag can conveniently update the data stored in the volume label, for example, the information can be modified, deleted, and added multiple times. Unlike Magnetic Stripe Cad RFID Cards can be used many times over, and if gloss finish can likely be used for years.

5) Strong penetration

When the RFID tag is covered by a non-metallic or non-transparent material such as paper, wood, or plastic, it has strong penetrability and can perform barrier-free communication easily.

6) Tracking and positioning

The system can track the effective geographical location of guest at conventions and hotels as they move through space with their RFID smart cards

Uses in Hotel Industry:

RFID products have many uses in the hotel industry outside just RFID Guest Key Cards and RFID Wristbands . With proper software it can be used to track housewares and linen. This upfront cost can save money and headaches as inventory counts can be maintained daily, improving staff effectiveness in their daily tasks.

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